Think Karishma Kapoor at Alia Bhatt's wedding. Floral embroideries have taken over the saree trends of 2022, and it's glorious. Of all the latest saree designs we know of, this one is our personal favourite. The intricate detailing, craftsmanship and sheer beauty, is bespoke. If you're hoping to follow this pattern, we highly suggest net sarees.

Floral embroidery sarees

Organza sarees

In a love-hate relationship with silk sarees? We found the perfect saree trend for you: Organza! They look just like silk but are less shiny, lighter and easier to carry. They offer a matte-like finish that definitely looks ultrasophisticated. Depend on this saree design for weddings or classy office dinners.

Multi-colour sarees

Pastel sarees in silk

Net sarees

Ruffle sarees

Monotone it

A single shade - as powerful as black or red - can make a fashion statement louder than the splashes of bolder colours. If your personal style leans towards minimalistic, monotoning your saree is a terrific option. It's classier, tasteful, and easy to carry.

Belt it up

Belts are in. Whether it's mom jeans, dresses or sarees, belts are completing every look with style and panache. However, pairing a saree with an embellished statement belt will go a long way. It's the latest saree trend, which is now available as a set at ethnic stores near you.

Saree with balloon-sleeved blouse

Saree with a corset blouse

Never underestimate the significance of blouse detailing. Since corsets are dominating the fashion trends of 2022, it only makes sense to include them in the latest saree trends. Any saree design - tissue, net, organza or chiffon - can be revamped with a tasteful corset. At the end of the day, it's all about carrying an outfit with confidence!

Printed peplum blouse